Jeff Jones, President and CEO of H&R Block
Jeff Jones, President and CEO of H&R Block, shares his perspective on what it takes to move from a CMO role into a CEO role, how to be an effective “Connected Leader”, how to role model behavior that shapes innovative cultures and how to plan your career in meaningful increments.
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Legendary Moves from CMO to CEO

What an honor it was to chat with Jeff Jones, President and CEO of H&R Block. Jeff was always highly regarded as a legendary CMO from the time he was CMO at Target, but what I found so intriguing and helpful in our conversation was his more recent perspective on what it takes to move from a CMO role into a CEO role.

Jeff is blessed with an ability to categorize concepts in such a way that they simply make perfect sense and are easy to embrace.  He shares his four priorities as CEO of H&R Block and what steps CMOs who seek a CEO role can take to prepare themselves for the role.  Along the way, Jeff shares some incredible leadership tips and, in particular, his belief that culture is driven from behaviors and which behaviors he feels have the greatest impact.

No matter where you are in your career, you will no doubt benefit from Jeff’s own career map that he has used from when he first started his career at Leo Burnett. And in that great Jeff Jones style, he presents it in a way that is easy to follow and immediately relevant to anyone.  

So where will Jeff be in the future?  Well, you may be surprised to learn about his personal passions and secret hobbies. His final tip? “Have a general sense of what you know you love to do, be an insatiable learner, be willing to take risks, be crazy curious, and enjoy the ride!”  I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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