Antonio Lucio, CMO of HP – Reinventing Leadership
In this episode, Antonio Lucio, CMO of HP, shares his definition of what it means to be a CMO, how to lead an organization with purpose to build a brand that can stand the test of time, how to win in the Board Room, how to compete with grace, how to connect at the deepest emotional level with consumers, how to build new frameworks to measure impact, how to inspire a culture of inclusivity, how to enroll a partner ecosystem into a shared mission, and how to gain the experience needed to be a successful leader.
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Reinventing Leadership

Before I sat down with Antonio Lucio, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of HP, I had the pleasure of touring HP’s Welcome Center, which really brought to life the wonderful history of HP with the exciting promise of tomorrow. As Antonio is on a mission to build a brand than can stand the test of time, we began by defining his role as CMO, what it is today, how it’s evolved and what it needs to become in the future.

What I’ve always found captivating and admirable about Antonio is his incredible connectivity to humanity and his personal sense of responsibility to not just talk about solutions, but inspire an industry to unite for results. He is not only an effective leader, but a gracious collaborator with his peers both inside and outside HP, many of whom he references in our session. But make no mistake, Antonio is not just a marketing leader with a social purpose, he is a business person first and foremost.

In our session, Antonio shares how he is able to connect the dots between emotional connectivity with consumers, true engagement of employees and reinventing mindsets to deliver financial results for HP. In fact, in his recent annual review and Board meeting, both his CFO and his board suggested that HP should be spending MORE money in marketing! When is the last time you heard that?

Want to know the moves he made and how Ricky Martin happens to become part of this conversation? Well, you’re just going to have to listen to find out…

Honorable mentions: Kristin Lemkau, Raja Rajamannar, Linda Boff, Keith Weed, Jonathan Mildenhall, Marc Pritchard, Diego Scotti, Nick Primola, Bob Liodice, Steven Wolfe Pereira, Fred & Farid, BBDO, Steve Reinemund, Indra Nooyi, Mike White, Lord Philip Gould, Leonardo da Vinci, Ricky Martin and Ramon Lucio

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